Three BME students selected for Clare Boothe Luce Research Scholarships

April 24, 2018

Congratulations to BME sophomores Anastasia Carr, Bianca Karpenecz, and Meghana Tallam, who have been selected to receive Clare Boothe Luce Research Scholarships. Their scholarships are part of a $300,000 grant that the Clare Boothe Luce Program recently awarded SEAS to support an undergraduate research program that will enable undergraduate female SEAS students to pursue research with guidance from faculty mentors, hone their professional skills, and establish themselves as university leaders.

Anastasia, Bianca, and Meghana were selected for the scholarships based on their outstanding academic records and their clear and thoughtful research proposals. Anastasia’s research proposal is titled “The Transient Outward Potassium Channel (Ito): Contribution and Modulation of Human Cardiac Repolarization.”  She will work on this with her faculty mentor, Dr. Igor Efimov.  Bianca’s research proposal is titled “Ultrasound-enhanced Drug Delivery for Treatment of Parasitic and Fungal Eye Diseases,” and she will work with her faculty mentor, Dr. Vesna Zderic.  Meghana will work with her faculty mentor, Dr. Matthew Kay, on her proposal, “CUBIC As an Alternative “Clearing” Method for Creating Hydrogel-based Structures in Organs.”

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