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Makeda Melkie  

Makeda appreciates the amazing friendships she has made and rewarding experiences she has had through her involvement with various SEAS student organizations.  


Kate Jaroszynski 

Kate helps conduct research that studies the use of infrared imaging for the early detection of breast cancer.


Faculty Mentors: 
Ban Shoukeir 

Ban recalls the mentoring and wise counsel she has received from her advisor, Dr. Zara.

brianna cathey and dorian obaid in lab

Brianna Cathey and Sofian Obaid  

Brianna and Sofian have achieved something rather rare for undergraduate students: they are the co-first authors of a research article published in a highly regarded, peer-reviewed research journal.

Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams

Jordan is a jazz musician who didn’t want to have to abandon his music when he started college. At GW, he found his opportunity to be both an engineer and a musician

BME Chalmers Collaboration

Project with Chalmers University (Sweden) 

SEAS biomedical engineering students have had the chance to team up with students from Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology to work on senior design capstone projects

Dr. Zhenyu Li discusses why biomedical engineering is an important and interesting field to study

The BME Experience

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