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George hacks

BME students bring creative ideas to George Hacks Medical Solutions

BME student-led teams won awards in each category at GW’s 2nd annual medical hackathon.


BME celebrates successful 3rd Annual BME Day

Mark your calendar for November 5, and join us for the 2018 GW BME Day. Visit the BME Day site to register, submit a poster, and view the day’s full schedule.
The BME department welcomed 169 attendees, including 11 prospective doctoral students, to its 3rd Annual BME Day, hosted on November 5.

Dr. Li

Studying Asthma

Dr. Li and his research group use micro-and nano-technologies to build medical devices that can be used for biological research or for disease diagnosis. He has made significant breakthroughs in designing “lab-on-a-chip” technologies to diagnose other diseases, and his current project builds on some of these previous successes.