New SEAS course: Social Impact Design Thinking

January 08, 2019

New SEAS Course: Social Impact Design Thinking
SEAS 4800.80 (CRN: 48682)/SEAS 6800.80 (CRN: 48683)
Spring 2019: Tuesdays 6:10 – 8:40 pm
SEH, 1450

Innovation starts with humans. Join an interdisciplinary social impact innovation class that puts human experience at the forefront of problem-solving and triple bottom line venture creation. Design thinking and human centered design are proven and repeatable problem solving methodologies that any discipline, profession, business, or social venture can employ to create social impact and value and achieve results. Interdisciplinary student teams apply design thinking to local challenges they research ethnographically, while facilitating partnerships with public and private Washington DC-based organizations. This class is a first of it its kind at GW in combining social innovation, design thinking, gear up, and business model creation.