Igor Efimov receives $2.8m NIH grant

Igor Efimov has received a new $2.8 million NIH grant in collaboration with Natalia Trayanova of Johns Hopkins University and Julia Gorelik of Imperial College London.

New NIH grant is funded

New collaborative NIH grant 1R01HL126802 is funded starting January 1, 2016. This is a collaboration with Professor Natalia Trayanova and Professor Julia Gorelik.

Zhenyu Li receives $2M NIH grant

Professor Zhenyu Li has received a four-year $2 million National Institutes of Health research grant to develop ambulatory sensor arrays for real-life monitoring of children with asthma.

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Open department positions available for doctoral students.

The BME department has positions (Stipend/Salary plus Tuition) available for doctoral students pursuing research in the following areas: Biomedical Robotics, Biomedical Imaging, Optogenetics, Cardiovascular Engineering, Biomedical sensors and wearable devices.

Igor Effimov

GW Launches Masters Program in Regulatory Biomedical Engineering

The George Washington University (GW) has launched a first-of-its kind master of engineering degree program in regulatory biomedical engineering to educate engineers who can navigate the regulatory process and help bring new inventions to market faster.


The future of medical testing

Listen to Professor Zhenyu Li discuss his research on handheld medical diagnostic devices and the future of medical testing.