Four grants awarded to faculty from GW's Office of the Vice President for Research

June 20, 2016

Dr. Matthew Kay
Title: Activation of brainstem vagal neurons to improve cardiac function in heart failure
PI: Matthew Kay
Co-PI: Dr. David Mendelowitz
Amount: $45,000

Dr. Emilia Entcheva
Title: Light-controlled muscle cuffs
PI: Emilia Entcheva (collaborators: N. Sarvazyan and N. Posnack)
Amount: $45,000

Dr. Chung Hyuk Park
Title: Using Robots to Prime Neuropredictive Brain Circuits in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
PI: Chung Hyuk Park
Co-I: Dr. Jennifer Frey, Assistant Professor, Department of Special Education and Disability Studies, GSEHD
Co-I: Dr. Kevin Pelphrey, Carbonell Family Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Physiology in the School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Director of the Autism and Neurodevelopmental Institute (ANDI)
Amount: $44,798

Dr. Igor Efimov
Title: The role of p38 isoforms in cardiac toxicity of anti-cancer doxorubicin therapy
PI: Igor Efimov, Collaboration with Dr. Tatiana Efimova from the Medical School (Dept of Anatomy and Regenerative Biology)
Amount: $45,000