Eight BME students win awards at GW Research Days

April 23, 2018

BME congratulates our student winners in this year’s GW Research Days.  The GW Research Days showcase is an annual event dedicated to highlighting the breadth of research and discovery on issues of major disciplinary, cross-disciplinary and global significance being done at GW through poster sessions, presentations and guest speakers.

Our student winners include:

Undergraduate Presenters

Biomedical Engineering:
1st Place (Tie):
Aidan Murray and Shannon Toole for “Symmetrical Cluster Analysis for Thermographic Breast Cancer Detection
Research Mentor: Dr. Murray Loew

Tania Singh for “Therapeutic Ultrasound-induced Insulin Release as a Potential Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes
Research Mentor: Dr. Vesna Zderic

2nd Place:
Alina Kline-Schoder for “Ultrasound-enhanced Ciclopirox Delivery for Treatment of Onychomycosis
Research Mentor: Dr. Vesna Zderic

2nd Place:
Nikkita Khattar for “Subcellular Analysis of Peptides in Single Identified Neurons by Mass Spectrometry
Research Mentor: Dr. Akos Vertes (Chemistry)

Graduate Presenters

Biomedical Engineering:
2nd Place (Tie with Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student):
Jaclyn Brennan for “HCN4-GCaMP8 Mice Useful for Optically Mapping Conduction System of Heart
Research Mentor: Dr. Igor Efimov

GWNIC Award for Microscopy Techniques
1st Place (Tie with Institute for Biomedical Sciences student):
Pratik Mistry for “3D Morphological Analysis of Biocytin-injected Hypoglossal Neurons
Research Mentor: Dr. Anastas Popratiloff (lead research scientist, Nanofabrication and Imaging Center)

Undergraduate Essay Contest Winners: “Reflections on Research and Scholarship”
James Tronolone