Dr. Kay receives $406,000 NIH grant

April 18, 2016

The National Institutes of Health has awarded Professor Matthew Kay a two-year, $406,000 Developmental Bioengineering Research Grant for his proposal “Oxygen-rich perfusate that is compatible with optical assessments of myocardial physiology.”  The goal of the project is to use a custom-made perfluorocarbon emulsion to provide capillary oxygen reserve in perfused heart studies, such that myocardial metabolism, in-situ mitochondrial function, and electrophysiology can be studied without physiological artifacts associated with inadequate oxygenation.  Dr. Kay will collaborate with Jack Rogers, Ph.D. (University of Alabama in Birmingham) and Robert Balaban, Ph.D. (National Heart Lung and Blood Institute) in Bethesda, MD to complete the studies.